1.Name of the department: Chemistry
2. Year of establishment: 1995-96
3. Courses Offered Names of programmes/courses offered (UG,PG ,M.PHIL ,PhD, Integrated Masters, Integrated Ph.D. etc) B.Sc.

(i) Viscous Synergy and Antagonism and Isentropic Compressibility of Ternary Mixtures containing 1,3-Dioxolane, Water and Monoalkanols at 303.15 K, Fluid Phase Equilibria, 243, 2006, 133-141. [Impact Factor = 2.241]

(ii) Studies of Viscous Antagonism, Excess Molar Volume and Isentropic Compressibility in Aqueous Mixed Solvent Systems at Different Temperatures, Physics and Chemistry of Liquids, 44, 2006, 303-314. [Impact Factor = 0.517]

(iii) Excess Molar Volumes, Viscosity Deviations and Isentropic Compressibility of Binary Mixtures Containing 1,3-Dioxolane and Monoalcohols at 303.15 K, Journal of Solution Chemistry, 34, 2005, 1311-1325. [Impact Factor = 1.083]

(iv) Solute-Solvent and Solute-Solute Interactions of Resorcinol in Mixed 1,4-Dioxane-Water systems at Different Temperatures, International Journal of Thermophysics, 26, 2005, 1549-1563. [Impact Factor = 0.623]

(v) Ion-Solvent and Ion-Ion Interactions of some Tetraalkylammonium, Alkali metals and Ammonium halides in Isoamyl alcohol at 298.15 K by Conductometric technique, Journal of Indian Chemical Society,83, 2006, 160-164. [Impact Factor = 0.251]

(vi) Investigation on Viscous Antagonism of Ternary Liquid Mixtures and its Relation to Concentration, Journal of Indian Chemical Society,82, 2005, 814-818. [Impact Factor = 0.251]

(vii) Investigation of Viscous Antagonism of Binary Liquid Mixtures in the Temperature Range 303.15 to 323.15, Journal of Teaching and Research in Chemistry, 11, 2004, 12-20.

(viii) Densities, Viscosities and Sound Speeds of some Acetate salts in Binary mixtures of Tetrahydrofuran and Methanol at (303.15, 313.15 and 323.15) K, Journal of Chemical Engineering Data, 51, 2006, 1415-1423. [Impact Factor = 2.045]

(ix) Electrical Conductances of Some Ammonium and Tetraalkylammonium Halides in Aqueous Binary Mixtures of 1,4-Dioxane at 298.15 K, Pak. Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, 49, 2006, 153-159.

(x) Conductivity Studies of Sodium Iodide in Pure Tetrahydrofuran and Aqueous Binary Mixtures of Tetrahydrofuran and 1,4-Dioxane at 298.15 K, Physics and Chemistry of Liquids, 45, 2007, 67-77. [Impact Factor = 0.517]

(xi) Ion-pair and Triple-ion Studies of some Tetraalkylammonium Halides in Pure 1,3-Dioxolane at 298.15 K, Journal of Molecular Liquids, 140, 2008, 39-44. [Impact Factor = 2.083]

(xii) Ion-solvent interactions in Acrylonitrile solutions of some tetraalkylammonium halides using FTIR spectroscopy, Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, 30, 2009, 1003-1007. [Impact Factor = 0.705]

(xiii) Conductance and FTIR Spectroscopic Study of Sodium Tetraphenylborate in Pure 1,3-Dioxolane and Isoamyl Alcohol and their Binary Mixtures, Physics and Chemistry of Liquids,48(1), 2010, 62-78. [Impact Factor = 0.517]

(xiv) Investigation of Solvent Effects Prevailing in Alkanols and Ethers with reference to Hydrogen bonding probed by Spectroscopy, Journal of Teaching and Research in Chemistry, 19(2), 2012, 58-64.

(xv) Investigation on Viscous Antagonism of Binary and Ternary Liquid Mixtures and its relation to Concentration at (303.15, 313.15 and 323.15) K, Research Journal of Pure Science, 1(1), 2014, 1-8.

(xvi) Physico-chemical studies of Vitamin-C in Aqueous 2-propanol: Manifestation of Molecular Interaction,Journal of Solution Chemistry, 43(12), 2014, 2212-2223. [Impact Factor = 1.083]


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Name Qualification Designation
Dr. Kalipada Sarkar M.Sc. Ph. D. Assistant Professor
Dr. Subhankar Saha M. Sc., Ph. D. Assistant Professor
Subhankar Paul M. Sc. SACT-II
Prantika Samaddar M. Sc. SACT-II



Kalipada Sarkar


1.Mahendra Nath Roy • Kalipada Sarkar • Anuradha Sinha, Physico-Chemical Studies of Vitamin-C in Aqueous 2-Propanol: Manifestation of Molecular Interactions, J Solution Chem, (2014) 43, 2212–2223

2. Sarkar Kalipada, Physical Properties of Zinc chloride in Aqueous Dextrose Solution, Research Journal of Chemical Sciences, ISSN 2231-606X,(2015), 5(1), 27-32

3. Sarkar Kalipada, Physico-chemical Studies of Destrose in Aqueous Solution of Zinc Sulphate, Research Journal of Pure Science,(2014) Vol-1, Issue-1, Page 19-25

4. Sarkar Kalipada, Volumetric and Viscometric Studies of Dextrose in Aqueous Potassium Metabisulfite Solution, Research Journal of Pure Science,(2014) Vol-2, Issue-2, Page 58-64

5. Sarkar Kalipada, Physico-Chemical Contrivances of Amino Acids in Aqueous Potassium Metabisulfite Solution, Research Journal of Pure Science,(2015) Vol-2, Issue-1, Page 19

Dr. Subhankar Saha

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