Islampur College

Estd : 1973. Affiliated to University of North Bengal (State University)

NAAC Accredited with B , ISO Certified 21001:2018

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Islampur College, a leading institution under North Bengal University for the past 50 years, continues to excel in various aspects, including academic performance. The college takes pride in its students’ achievements, with many securing good results in University Examinations and subsequently pursuing post-graduate studies.

In its commitment to academic excellence and inclusivity, the college actively supports students belonging to Scheduled Caste (S.C.) and Scheduled Tribe (S.T.) categories by distributing government scholarships specifically designated for them. These scholarships aim to provide financial assistance and encourage meritorious students from these backgrounds to pursue higher education.

Additionally, the college also recognizes and acknowledges the importance of national scholarships for exceptionally talented students. It ensures that these meritorious students receive the support and recognition they deserve by facilitating the distribution of national scholarships, if available.

With a forward-looking approach, Islampur College is preparing to meet the challenges of higher education in the modern era. Apart from imparting quality education, the college places significant emphasis on inculcating values such as discipline, social awareness, patriotism, devotion, and selfless dedication among its students. It aims to nurture not just academically strong individuals but also responsible and compassionate citizens who contribute positively to society.

As the college embraces change and growth, it continues to foster an environment that nurtures talent, promotes diversity, and provides equal opportunities for all students to flourish academically and personally. Through its dedication to excellence and inclusivity, Islampur College remains committed to shaping the leaders of tomorrow who will contribute meaningfully to society.

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